Zodiac song from your Astrology Chart

We start with Your Natal Astrology Chart to make Zodiac Song

Astrology Chart Astrology Chart is the basis of your Zodiac Song which we create, we not only utilize the sound of the planets, based on the work of Pythagoras, Keppler,  and others but also use the dominant vowel sound in our first name when reproducing the planet tones. For example, the Sun and Moon are in Virgo which is the musical note F, and the rising is in Aquarius which is A#. So these notes were toned using the first vowel sound. in this example the ‘i’ sound in K’i’m.

Listening to your Sacred Zodiac Song for 20 minutes a day is a wonderful technique for bringing yourself into alignment. It is great to listen to when waking up or falling asleep to help us be more receptive to source as we move through our day, or our dreams. (There is a caution not to drive a car while listening to it, because it is working at such a deep and profound level). It is also valuable for easing physical and emotional discord, which can lead to disease.  “The body is held together by sound – the presence of disease indicates that some sounds have gone out of tune” (Dr. Deepak Chopra).
Listening to our  Sacred Zodiac Song can keep us in tune with what we came into the world to express, and what better way to become the change we want to create for this sweet world of ours.

Ted Andrew, in his book Sacred Sounds, suggests that listening or meditating to our sacred Zodiac Sound can bring us back into harmony with the symphony of our own life purpose. “To meditate with it releases tremendous insights, and results in the achievement of higher states of consciousness”. When we listen, or tone along, with our Sacred Zodiac Song on a regular basis our whole body begins to vibrate to this tone, bringing our bodies back into harmony with our true path connecting at a cellular level to our purpose.

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