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Lisa Carberry – Zodiac Song

Intuitive Spiritual Teacher, Author, and Mystic

Lisa Carberry - Zodiac Song “From the moment I received my Zodiac Song and listened for the first time I knew something special had been bestowed upon me. My body sensed it too as I experienced tingling throughout it, almost as if there was a restructuring taking place. I have been using it twice a day since, and it continues to support me. A seasoned meditator, and by way of demonstrating the power of a personal ‘song’, I had had one of ‘those’ mornings where no matter what I did the energy wasn’t shifting for me. That was until I decided to listen to my Zodiac Song! As soon as I began listening I felt a sense of calm and clarity wash over me, and the entire course of the day changed. With each day that I am imbued with the sounds of my Zodiac Song I open portals to increased creativity, self-expression, clarity of purpose and direction as well as a general state of well-being. I genuinely and wholeheartedly recommend giving yourself the gift of your own Zodiac Song!”

Lisa Carberry
Professional Intuitive, Medium and Author at

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