Feeling the Afterglow

I was so excited to hear about a client’s afterglow of their Zodiac Song and how it gave them access to inner parts of their lives and allowed more Light to flow outward into their reality. While tuning into their Zodiac Song Frequencies, some major activation occurred. Reigniting and realigning them to a much more fulfilling path.

Zodiac Sound FrequencyWhile these experiences are personal and intimate journeys of my clients’ tones, I usually receive regular updates on their progress. For some people, progress can be fast, while some people are slower travelers, but the essential factor is that everybody is moving at their own pace. Some clients have reported that while listening to their Zodiac song there can be a slight feeling of a detox. Of course, this is all good but it can be quite discomforting for most people. And they try to end their discomfort pronto. But don’t beat yourself over trying to take the easy way out. Its human nature to seek the expedient, making us averse to change despite our claims for a new lease of life.

Your Zodiac Song, like a detox, can change your inner terrain, and subsequently, lead to changes in your outer landscape. But before that happens there may be an uncomfortable period of adjustment to the new version of you. You may be zapped of energy for a time until things come back into alignment, you may need extra sleep as your body may require extra energy to rejuvenate and revitalize. But be sure to remember that this discomfort is a small bump on your way to optimal performance by your realignment to your Souls’ divine path outlined by the best parts of your Natal Chart.

With time, your body becomes fully adjusted. Your energy will come back and you start gaining momentum at an unprecedented rate. You become energized, and a sharp focus and increased clarity of mind descend upon you. You can now connect to your inner self at a level you could never imagine before, exploring and discovering hidden opportunities that were hitherto inaccessible. Then other opportunities in your outer landscape may be presented in a form that may be totally unexpected by you. But the lesson here is to stay focused and never give up.

Your Zodiac Song is a combination of the most harmonious and best parts of your Natal Chart. Set off with an intention to realign and reestablish your happy place in the cosmos. You can confidently listen to your Zodiac Song tones each and every day and bask in the light of your afterglow, your true Inner Frequency in a risk-free atmosphere.

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