Creating Musical Harmony in You from Music of the Spheres

Your Zodiac Song - Music of the SpheresMusica Universalis or Music of the Spheres is an ancient philosophical concept that regards proportions in the movements of celestial bodies – the sun, moon, and planets – as a form of musica – the medieval Latin name for music. The Greek philosopher Pythagoras is frequently credited with originating the concept, which stemmed from his semi-mystical, semi-mathematical philosophy and its associated system of numerology of Pythagoreanism. At the time, the sun, moon, and planets were thought to revolve around Earth in their proper spheres. The spheres were thought to be related by the whole-number ratios of pure musical intervals, creating musical harmony. So if one were to think in terms of musical frequencies emitted by each planet in a specific sign, a person’s horoscope would make a specific kind of harmony or music or Zodiac Song!! Your Zodiac Song when created will not only utilize the sound of the planets, based on the work of Pythagoras, Keppler,  and others, but also use the dominant vowel sound in our first name thus reproducing the Sonic Soundscape that mirrors your tonal pattern. Retuning and resetting you to your original soul’s intention.