Zodiac Song Meditation Music

Zodiac Song from your Personal Astrology Chart

Zodiac Song Meditation Music Welcome to your personal Zodiac Song Meditation Music site .. If you’re surfing the net, you have come here by no mistake. You already know that there are plenty of quality astrology charts available by various astrologers. Having your own personal astrology chart as a tool for self-reflection and a useful guide in life’s journey. Here we transform your astrology chart into Sound Frequency to create a quantum jump in the sound realignment called Zodiac Song. Customized and unique composition in 432Hz Tuning, just for you.

When you were born the universe took a snapshot of the positioning of the Stars in the firmament… This was your Symphony being orchestrated for your true purpose. The “why” you are incarnated at this time on this plane of existence. This is your true theme song, your true sounding. This composition incorporates the Sacred Sciences and brings it all together, unified to bring you your sacred Zodiac Song.

The zodiac song meditation music can be incorporated into any existing practice you might have such as yoga, or other types of connecting to your inner self. Use it in the morning or evening, whenever you wish to connect, and center. It can be an aid in remembering your purpose so that you can live that authentic life your chart reveals. The Zodiac Song, when created, will not only utilize the sound of the planets, based on the work of Pythagoras, Keppler,  and others but also use the dominant vowel sound in our first name thus reproducing the Sonic Soundscape that mirrors your tonal pattern. Retuning and resetting you to your original soul’s intention. Your zodiac song will be composed prayerfully by a Multi Award Winning Composer and sound recording engineer/producer.  This is the best online source for  Your personal zodiac song made from your astrology chart.

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